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How to Lose Weight When Exercising

  Losing weight and losing weight is far from being the only motivation for playing sports. In any case, it doesn't have to be. Pleasure, relaxation, health, the benefits of sport are manifold. But slimness is of course part of it. So as long as you go to the gym on a Thursday evening (instead of having a glass (of orange juice) with your friends), you might as well optimize your session to lose more weight and burn more calories during sport. 1. Schedule more cardio sessions. "Cardio" sports (such as running, body attack and aerobics for example) are the best allies for weight loss.  And that's good, because unlike weight training or very intense activities, cardio is accessible to everyone. So no excuse! To lose weight , you devote 60% of your session to cardio and 40% to something else.    2. Work in depth. Switching from exercise to exercise while skipping the difficulty will not help you lose weight, even if the session lasts 45 minutes.  It's the intensity t

How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off | 10 Tips to Stay In the Best Shape

The root cause of obesity and overweight is an energy imbalance between calories consumed and expended. This cause stems from an increase in the consumption of high calorie foods and a lack of physical activity due to the increasingly sedentary nature of many forms of work, changing modes of transportation and increasing urbanization. How to lose weight and fight against overweight and obesity: 1) Keep a regular diet: Do not skip meals, especially the breakfast which must remain generous and the evening meal which must be light. You need to provide your body with enough energy without going overboard. You will therefore need to eat regularly and correctly to promote balance. 2) Avoid snacking: Do not eat anything apart from meals. If you are hungry between meals, drink a glass of water, coffee, or tea without sugar, this may help relieve your hunger pangs. 3) Drink well: To lose weight it is not enough only to pay attention to what you eat but also to watch what you drink: avoid sugary

How to Lose Weight Fast for Teens (What You Should Know?)

Overweight teenager, how to act? Some adolescents tend to overeat which sometimes justifies drastic weight gain. It is a very difficult situation to live both for the teenager concerned and for his parents. So let's try to take a closer look at this problem, which is affecting more and more growing young people. The causes of overweight in adolescents  • Genetic and physical factors The hereditary factors and metabolism are sometimes the cause of some overweight teenagers. Parents need to take matters into their own hands quickly when their child's weight increases worryingly. In principle, parents should monitor the balance of their children, especially if there is a risk of obesity in the family. Even though the causes are genetic, weight loss in overweight adolescents should be gradual. The goal of food rebalancing is not an excessive and immediate loss of pounds, but rather a reassessment of eating behavior.  • Poor food hygiene The bad eating habits are one of the main cau

How to Lose Weight In 2 Weeks (Is It Possible?)

There are many diets that make us expect quick weight loss in just two weeks! We have selected 3 for you and one bonus: The Scarsdale Diet, The Thonon Diet, and The Mayo Diet. How to lose weight in two weeks: the Scarsdale diet: The Scarsdale Diet was developed by American cardiologist Herman Tarnower in the 1950s. It is a low carb diet , which restricts you to 1000 calories per day. Obviously, if you opt for this low-calorie diet , you can say goodbye to sugar, as well as starches and other very fatty dairy products. We favor vegetables low in calories, lean meats and fish. Without forgetting the grapefruits and seasonal fruits. As you will have understood, it is better to arm yourself with a good dose of willpower to hold out. The (enticing) reward? You melt like snow in the sun: 8 kilos in less than 14 days. How to lose weight in two weeks: the Thonon diet: Lose up to 10 pounds in 14 days! This is the alluring promise of the Thonon diet , invented by a doctor from the University Hos

Beautiful Skin Secrets Women Don't Know About?

As soft as a baby's little cheeks, as luminous as the pearls of dew in the early morning, as smooth as the pebbles of a Normandy beach ... as perfect as your dreams draw your skin.  Do you sigh at the thought that there is no such thing as perfection?  But who could have put this idea in your head? Because we are here to share with you all the secrets to approaching this ideal of skin as velvety and radiant as you have always dreamed of. No, we do not close our eyes to all these little inconveniences that tarnish your complexion and your morale as a result, but on the contrary we will help you adopt the right reflexes in order to keep skin in full beauty and health.  So be careful so that your mirror becomes your best friend again. What simple routine to follow? Which foods to favor?  How to sleep well?  How to reduce stress?   What simple routine to follow? For beautiful skin, you have to take care of it. Especially since we tend to forget it, but the skin is a vital organ! It is

Want To Know How To Lose Those Extra Few Pounds Your Carrying Around | 26 Easy Tips to Follow

The diet industry is full of myths and magic recipes that rarely work. In the best of cases, we manage to lose those extra pounds (only) to regain them some time later again. Here is a list of healthy tips for losing weight. 1. Drink water (especially before meals) We keep repeating it, we must drink a lot of water. Drinking water can boost metabolism by 24-30% over a period of about 1 hour, and helps the body burn calories, making it an excellent aid in weight loss. A study shows that drinking half a liter of water almost an hour before a meal causes us to eat fewer calories and therefore helps us lose up to 44% more weight. 2. Eat eggs for breakfast Eating whole eggs can have all kinds of benefits, including weight loss. Scientists looked into the subject and found that replacing a breakfast of cereal with eggs also helped to eat fewer calories for the next 36 hours, and therefore lose more body fat. If you can't eat eggs for one reason or another, don't panic. Any other sour

Treadmills & Weight Loss: Does Running On a Treadmill Make You Lose Weight?

 Running is the best choice for weight loss. You are in control of your movements during the treadmill running! You will even advance your leg and move your arms (unlike other devices) which promotes energy expenditure! The whole body is in motion which allows you to burn more calories! This fitness device is ideal for thinning the thighs and stimulating the loss of fat mass all over the body! Thanks to the treadmill, you can lose your arms, stomach, legs). Indeed, the blood circulates throughout the body for a maximum of lost calories and for a rapid weight loss.  How to lose weight on a treadmill? For weight loss on a treadmill , it is advisable to have a regular practice. The ideal is to run on a minimum mat every 2 days to see results! During your run, remember to play on the incline! The more the incline of the treadmill is at its maximum, the more you increase your energy expenditure. treadmill how to lose weight The best way to lose weight on a mat is to train in the heart rate