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How to Start a Food Rebalancing?

  Food rebalancing: what exactly is it? See what a restrictive diet looks like? A rebalancing is quite the opposite! The idea is to help you make new, healthier eating habits. So adopting a balanced diet will no longer be a daily struggle, but simply a reflex! The goal is also to make you happy and not to frustrate you anymore. For that you have to eat everything, in the right quantity and at the right time!  By gradually adopting good eating habits without depriving yourself of foods generally prohibited during a diet, your weight loss will occur naturally until you reach your healthy weight. The strong point of food rebalancing is that by eating better and at the right time of the day, you avoid the yoyo effect! What is the yoyo effect? This is an effect that occurs in 80% of people who are on restrictive diets. It is the act of regaining the weight you lost, or even more, following a period of too strong restriction.  Why? Because a restrictive diet only lasts until you reach the de