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My Best Top 5 Smoothie Recipes for FAT-BURNING & Weight Loss

Are Low Carb Diets Effective For Weight Loss?

 Learn the pros and cons of low-carb diets as well as the best solution for lasting weight loss. Is eliminating carbohydrates from your diet the most effective way to lose weight? Since carbohydrates raise blood sugar levels , shouldn't we just eliminate bread, pasta, rice and grains from our diets? No, it's not that simple. If low carbohydrate diets lost dimension is that in the long run, they are not good for health . This doesn't mean that you shouldn't cut into carbohydrates, just that you shouldn't fall into the opposite excess. Low-carb diets, a new fad like any other When low-carb diets became popular, they seemed to bring a breath of fresh air after the low-fat (and high-carb) diet fad where the word “low” was on just about every food package. With the advent of low-carb diets, you could suddenly eat all the bacon you wanted, as long as you eat your burger without bread and forgo sandwiches and spaghetti. The results were impressive: some subjects could lose