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Top 11 Exercises To Lose 5 Pounds Quickly?

 You have finally decided to get used to the idea that no, the scale is not crazy, you have just been exaggerating a little on the desserts lately!

Know that it is easy to get back in shape and to  lose weight quickly and surely, to finally get rid of those 5 small excessive pounds accumulated without realizing it.

But then how to lose weight quickly ?

How to lose 5 pounds quickly, easily and… sustainably!

First of all, it is very important to remember how unnecessary it is to go on a hunger strike to lose those extra few pounds.

Indeed, this method, which can be effective in the short term , will only make you lose muscle mass, and weight gain will be almost immediate ... hello yoyo effect !

Is the diet the best solution to lose weight quickly?

It is indeed quite possible to lose 5 pounds by depriving yourself of food, but this method is not a solution.

In addition, putting yourself on such a harsh diet deprives the body of many nutrients essential for metabolism , which therefore forces it to eliminate muscle mass rather than fatty tissue .

If you return to your eating habit after a certain period of food deprivation, the body will rush to store the new intakes in the form of fat, in supply and prevention of a possible future period of “starvation” .

Finally, making our body lose muscle tissue weakens the basal metabolism , that is to say, it will have more difficulty burning calories at rest, and this is not at all the effect sought when we want to lose weight .

"The drastic diet, in addition to leading to nutrient deprivation and attacking muscle rather than fat, is in the long term ineffective with an even greater risk of weight gain".

The first secret to losing a few extra pounds is to adapt your diet to your needs , and adopt a healthy and balanced eating habit ( by eating light in the evening for example 😉).

It is also important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. You can also drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea daily, which has a draining and detox effect .

Combine this with some regular exercise , and the results will be guaranteed and fast! Because we can never say it enough, the best solution will always remain: physical

Top 11 easy exercises to lose 5 pounds:

Here are a top 11 really effective  exercises to lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks, while slimming down in areas where fat tends to accumulate. To make them, all you need is yourself and a groundsheet.

Before embarking on the description of these exercises, know that each person has their level. If some exercises may seem difficult to do at first, take it slowly, taking breaks if necessary, but don't give up: you have to persevere to reach your goal, and the more you practice, the more these exercises will get you. look easy.

"For quick and lasting results, the ideal is to alternate a cardio activity (brisk walking, running, swimming) with exercises weight training / fitness".

These last exercises should be practiced ideally 3 times a week.

Exercise N ° 1: sheathing.

For this first exercise, there are 3 categories of sheathing which have different virtues.

The central cladding:

Failing to carry out series of abdominals of the "crunch" type which make gain in muscle mass in the area called "great rights", carry out series of sheathing refines and tones the waist and the entire abdominal belt, by burning fats.

"The great effort required by this sheathing exercise places great demands on the body which will spend a lot of energy during the performance".

How to proceed?

This strength training exercise is also called a "plank" , and for good reason: position yourself in a plank, knees on the ground and hands together. With your back straight, legs and chest straight, hold this position for one minute.

"You have to contract the abdominal muscles, as if you wanted to bring the belt closer to the navel: it is the belly that works, not the arms, nor the back!"

What frequency?

[Perform 3 sets of one minute , with a maximum break of 20 seconds to recover between each set].

For variation, you can modify this exercise slightly. For example, you can elevate your legs using a chair or a small table, so that your back is straight. Maintain the position the same as the basic exercise.

Rib sheathing:

This type of sheathing is a variation of the previous exercise. Like the board, the rib sheathing helps burn belly fat but also at the level of love handles .

Instead of leaning on both elbows, the position consists of leaning on a single elbow, in profile . Legs straight, hold the position for a minute.

The arm that is not being used for support is positioned behind the head for balance, but you can keep it straight if you feel more comfortable.

[Repeat the exercise 3 times on each side , marking one minute breaks between each round.]

The back sheathing:

This other variation is effective for working the lower back muscles and the glutes. 

Moreover, it is also effective for the abdominals. You have to hold for 30 seconds, with your back straight as possible.

It is a very effective exercise but it requires a little balance and flexibility : the hands and feet are placed on the ground. Hands flat back, arms outstretched.

With the thighs raised, the joint with the knees should form an angle of 90 degrees . To look upward. Shoulders, pelvis and knees should be on the same line.

Exercise N ° 2: the movement of the spider

This exercise will make you move, sweat ... and lose pounds for sure!

"This movement is recommended to slim the hips, by strengthening the chest and triceps, as well as the abdominal belt".

How to proceed ?

First, put yourself in a push-up position , with your legs and back straight. Bring one knee close to the elbow, without placing the foot on the ground. The foot should be placed about 10 centimeters from the ground.

Return the leg to the initial position, the feet should be side by side. Do the same movement with the other leg.

What frequency?

[Repeat the movement 10 times per leg].

Exercise # 3: like squats

This exercise is in my opinion the most effective to slim down, to slim down and tone up .

The reason: it is an exercise which uses all the muscles and requires a lot of energy. Therefore, caloric expenditure is very effective.

During this exercise, the body releases norepinephrine and adrenaline, hormones that will attach and attack fat cells .

By being regular and disciplined in this exercise, you will see weight loss very quickly; especially around the waist and in the buttocks.

How to proceed ?

Stand with your legs slightly apart, a little more than hip level. Bend your legs by forcing on the supports, in the same way as if you were going to sit very far behind you, the thighs should come to be parallel to the ground.

What frequency?

If you are new to this discipline, start by performing the exercise in three sets of 30 movements , resting for about 30 seconds between each set.

Exercise N ° 4: the invisible chair exercise

And here is a classic exercise that is very effective for losing weight and getting thinner . The goal is like when exercising the plank, to stay in the same position as long as possible to work the muscles that are used to hold it.

How to proceed ?

You must first stand with your back to a wall . Leave space between you and the wall. Slowly descend until the legs form a 90 degree angle .

The thighs should be parallel to the floor. It is in fact to mimic the position of sitting on a chair.

What frequency?

Try to hold each time longer than the previous time. This exercise is as difficult as it is effective , hang in there!

The exercise is very difficult but you have to hold it as long as possible . Strictly speaking, there is no “number” of series to be done since it is a question of trying to hold out as long as the body (and the mind!) Allows. 

Exercise N ° 5: push-ups

The famous, classic pumps that we all abhor; and in a nightmare. And this because it requires a huge effort , but it is time to face them and play down them.

Know that the more you train, the more you will feel comfortable in this exercise.

"As difficult as this exercise can be, the room for improvement is felt very quickly, you will improve very quickly".

In addition, the difficulty / efficiency ratio of exercising push-ups is also very proven: let's get started!

Arch your back : your body should form a line. The hips should brush against the floor at the same time as the chin and chest, not first.

Pull out the buttocks : the body should once again form a single line, and should remain straight. It is necessary to sheath the buttocks and the abdominals.

Lower your head : it is not a question of putting your forehead between your hands. On the contrary, you have to keep your head in line with your body. To help you, you can look at the ground a meter away from you.

Extend your elbows : be sure to keep your elbows close to your body and not spread them apart, the angle should be less than 45 degrees.

Forget about shaping the whole body : push-ups are a complete exercise in the sense that it tones the abdominals, buttocks, legs, in addition to the pecs and arms. The body should be kept in the "plank" position.

Performing half-push-ups is a mistake that many make. Make sure you do the entire movement, and go up to the top. It is about touching the plank ground and going up while extending the arms. We must develop the movement to its maximum.

[Do not neglect this exercise which will allow you to tone and refine you very effectively. It indeed solicits the entire muscle group: triceps, back, pecs, abdominal belt and legs: at work!]

How to proceed ?

Stand on all fours on your knees, feet together.

"If you are a beginner and cannot do the movement properly, you can start by doing knee pushups. The exercise will be easier because the arms will have less weight to bear."

Place your hands flat, thumbs facing inward, a little wider than your shoulders. The indexes should follow the line of the body, placed in front. The arms should be straight.

You should contract your abs and glutes , and keep your hips, thighs, back, and head in one line.

Bend your elbows to brush against the floor with your chest. Be careful not to take out the buttocks!

What frequency?

[Perform 20 movements and repeat the exercise in 3 sets , with about 20 to 30 seconds of breaks between each round.]

Exercise N ° 6: Do you know the “front lunges”?

An exercise similar to squats but which puts more strain on the adductors. It is ideal if you want to accentuate the curve of the buttocks and draw the legs.

It requires a lot of energy from the body, which is very efficient for the body to burn calories.

How to proceed ?

The exercise begins standing. Take a big step forward, keeping your back straight. The hands should be placed on the hips . While taking the step, lower the knee practically to the ground. Return to the starting position. Perform this exercise 10 times then change legs.

What frequency?

[The exercise is to be performed 3 times , marking 20 second breaks between each series.]

"Perform the front feint exercise at the end of a weight training session".

Exercise N ° 7: The jumping jack

This exercise uses the whole body, which will burn fat at all levels, with great efficiency against belly fat .

How to proceed ?

Stand with your legs apart and arms raised above your head. The movement involves joining the legs while placing the arms alongside the body.

What frequency?

[Perform this exercise for 30 seconds to 1 minute]

Exercise N ° 8: the jump rope

In addition to being recreational, jumping rope tones the whole body , and helps in particular the fat located on the stomach.

How to proceed ?

The exercise is very simple to perform: it is simply a matter of hopping in place by passing the rope under the feet, then over the head.

What frequency?

[Start by hopping for 2 minutes and then longer depending on how you feel. You can also increase the intensity].

"This exercise is very intense, it will make you sweat, which is very good for losing weight".

Exercise N ° 9: the hip lift

How to lose weight while refining and toning the buttocks and thighs? This hip lift exercise is very effective for this.

How to proceed ?

Lie down on your back with your arms on the floor. Bend your legs. The feet should be placed in the same width as the shoulders, flat on the floor.

Now you have to lift your hips up to 20 centimeters above the ground. Inhale on the ascent, exhale on the descent.

"Be sure to tuck in your stomach to cover the abdominal belt."

Performing this exercise on the support of one leg is also very effective.

What frequency?

[Perform three sets of 30 repetitions , pausing 20 seconds between repetitions.]

Exercise N ° 10: the stairs

An exercise that shapes and firms the thighs , buttocks and calves .

You will need to bring a step or an object opposite the office ( step ) or place you at the bottom of a staircase.

How to proceed ?

Place a first foot on the step. With the other foot, go up to touch the step, then lower the leg while keeping the first foot on the step.

What frequency?

[Repeat the movement 10 times for each foot.]

"You can also use a higher step to increase the difficulty and intensity, or use a weight, or a bottle filled with water, held in each hand."

Exercise N ° 11: classic Dips

An excellent movement to lose weight while working the abdominals, shoulders, back, arms and even pecs, while you're at it!

How to proceed?

All you need is a chair and your arms !

Sitting on a chair, without support, with your feet on the ground, place your hands on the edges of the chair, on either side of the hips.

The legs should be lengthened, until the heels, placed on the ground, maintain them alone.

Bring your heels forward and place the buttocks in front of the chair using the strength of your arms to support the body. The movement consists of bending the elbows , to lower the body by about 20 centimeters, then fully extend the arms to return to the initial position and complete the movement.

What frequency?

[Try to repeat this movement 8 to 10 times]

You can also increase the difficulty of this exercise by performing the movement by lifting one leg up to about 12 inches off the floor. Repeat the movement 5 times then change the supporting leg.

Another level of difficulty is to use two chairs : the heels should be placed on a second chair, arranged in front of the first.

In addition to these exercises to do at home, here is a small summary of very effective sports activities for weight loss.

These activities should not be classified as “small exercises” because they all require a greater commitment.

However, their effectiveness is greater and they will undoubtedly allow you to lose 5 pounds faster too.

The race:

It is THE GREATEST EXERCISE to lose weight and slim down as well.

This cardiac and muscular exercise causes a sweat and tones the whole body. It's a very complete exercise To each his own pace!

If you are just starting out, alternate 3 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking. Take it slow, and gradually adjust your pace. At a moderate pace, this sport burns around 550 calories an hour .

By running for a long time, the body draws on its fat reserves , even if you run slowly.

"Take advantage of this activity to take a breath of fresh air and nature!"

The Bike

Cycling allows you to burn 300 to 600 calories an hour , depending on the speed, the terrain (coast or plain), the weather (heat, winds, etc.).

Getting around by bike is therefore a very good means of locomotion that makes us get to work quickly while refining ourselves .

You can also take advantage of the good weather on weekends for a good bike ride.


Another very complete sport , swimming. During this activity, all the muscles of the arms, legs and trunk are called upon.

It is also a great exercise for the circulation of the blood . In addition, by improving circulation, swimming refines the legs.

You can burn about 300 calories an hour of swimming.


Walking to work does not lose 5 pounds / week on its own, but it is a good complement to other activities. And it's always better than sitting in your car or the metro bus or train.

Walking for an hour can burn around 200 calories while promoting blood circulation. You can also try speed walking too.

Physical exercise: Is the miracle recipe for losing weight quickly!
And All of these exercises are examples of effective sports activities to lose extra pounds.

But know that doing sport in general, whatever activity you choose , is excellent for losing weight, achieving a pretty figure and for the balance and health of the body in general, and there are many reasons.

Exercising helps burn fat : when the body is mobilized during an effort, the body draws on the carbohydrates and fatty acids it has stored.

It is a kind of fuel that gives it strength. The body starts by drawing on carbohydrates, then on fatty tissue.

Sport helps to gain muscle mass , so we refine while strengthening.

Adopting a sports habit allows the metabolism to function and the body to increase energy combustion , even when it is at rest. To maintain itself, muscle mass consumes energy while fat mass does not perform this burning activity.

When active, the brain secretes a number of feel-good hormones , while keeping busy both physically and mentally. The brain therefore demands less excessive and compulsive food ( snacking ).

Finally, moving around allows you to feel good in general in your body and in your head, relaxed. It is an excellent activity to relieve stress .

Some bonus tips to achieve your goals?

Practice your sporting activity away from meals

To help the body to draw the maximum from fat reserves. Practicing your sports exercises on an empty stomach in the morning is therefore a very good idea. This will make you start the day in a good mood and full of energy.

By varying the activities

You will allow your body to build up muscles harmoniously. Endurance, flexibility, muscles… the list of choices is long.

Make sure you warm up properly before your workout

And to stretch regularly, in the morning for example. Preparing your body and making it recover are part of sports practice, they should not be neglected.

Regularly participate in a sports activity you love (this will definitely keep you motivated)


A Simple To Follow Weight Loss Program ( a testimony from a blog reader)

Not the actual photo of  the person, who created this acticle
This article gives free tips and advice about how to lose weight. Dieting does not need to be a choir, however many of the weight loss programs that are available make it this way. During the article, I describe an easy to follow diet or weight loss program which has helped me to reach a weight that I am now happy and feel comfortable with.

My background

My name is Steve Hill and I struggled to keep my weight under control for the first twenty-two years of my life. I was often teased at school and found it very hard to meet girls as I believed that there would be no way, that they would want to date somebody as fat as myself.

I was a very negative person and I frequently felt stressed and depressed. I often felt sorry for myself and would feel envious of other people who seemed fit, healthy and happy. During these periods of depression, I would often comfort eat to make myself feel better. I love food and this would temporarily help. The problem I found was that if I ate food for ten minutes, I would feel a sense of guilt for around two hours.

Like many people who are over-weight, I was not happy this way and often looked into different types of weight loss plan or diets. Maybe it is just me, but they seem so unrealistic and for somebody like myself impossible to follow. I needed a simple, easy to follow weight loss program.

The solution to my weight problem

The first thing I had to do was to be honest with myself. I asked myself a series of questions:

Why are you over-weight?

I do not eat the right types of food and I rarely exercise.

How determined are you to lose weight?

Very determined.

Are you willing for this to be a long term project, or are you looking for a quick fix?

The quicker the better, however I realise that crash diets do not work and end up causing more harm than good.

Do you feel you have enough self-discipline to succeed?

I am not sure but I will have to have, to reach my target weight.

**The weight loss plan

These are the things I must do:

Eat three healthy meals a day.

Exercise more. This will be achieved by leaving the car at home more often and by walking to certain places, such as my children's school. I will also take the children to play sports like football and tennis, as often as I can.

Fight the demons in my head who constantly tempt me into eating.

These are the things I must not do:

Snack in between meals.

Eat too many take-aways, I will basically allow myself one a week.

Lie to other people or even myself about what I have eaten.

This sounds so simple and is very easy to follow. I have to admit that it is not that easy to carry off, especially not being able to snack between meals. With determination you can succeed and the sense of happiness and pride you will feel when you reach a weight you are happy with, will make it all worthwhile.