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How to Lose Weight Fast: 10 Safe Strategies for Weight Loss That REALLY work.

If you’re trying to lose weight fast, it can be easy to get caught up with fad diet or other 'quick fixes' that promise a flat stomach in days. That's especially true if you are stuck at home on lockdown, and scoffing barbecue in your newly acquired hot tub. Sure, you can now exercise outdoors as much as you like, but you’re still likely to be moving less and eating more, especially if you are usually a gym goer, and haven’t been able to acquire home gym equipment to tide you over. Don't worry; there are ways to lose weight – and lose belly fat – that are tried and trusted. It might not be the easy and quick weight loss of your dreams, but it's very doable. We have nothing against the keto diet, for instance, but a lot of people will find it is difficult to fit into their lifestyle. We've tried to keep these diet, workout and weight-loss tips as simple as possible so you can get fit and in shape, in 2020. **The Custom Keto Diet: A "Done For You" Meal P

How to lose weight fast – with 6 changes you can make today (starting with a spring clean)

Either way, shedding those few extra pounds doesn't have to be a massive chore A few simple lifestyle hacks can set you well on your way to becoming more svelte without really trying All you need is a little discipline and commitment - it takes a couple of months to start noticing a difference, so bunker down for the long-haul 1 Spring clean your kitchen We're simple creatures What we see, we want Rather than keeping all your treats at the front of your fridge, stick them all in one place towards the bottom and bring all your colourful fruit and veg to the front That way, when you're scouting for something to eat, you'll be bombarded with healthy options straight away If you're having to root around for processed grub, you may decide that you don't actually want it - or you'll go for the healthy stuff first and then go back for pud Either way, arranging it so that the vitamins come first is always going to be a winner Keep reaching for the Maltesers? Stic