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My Best Top 5 Smoothie Recipes for FAT-BURNING & Weight Loss

How To Lose a Man's Belly? With Diet and Sports

  It is not always easy to shed abdominal fat for a flatter stomach, especially since the profusion of “miraculous” recipes are often misleading. To effectively lose belly, it is necessary to follow a diet adapted to the needs of the body and to practice physical exercises. MAN: HOW TO LOSE BELLY AND LOSE WEIGHT AT 50 FAST? Abdominal fat is the result of poor lifestyle habits and an unbalanced diet. You should also know that in humans, the storage of fat in the abdomen is more important in part because of testosterone. To find a flat stomach, it is necessary to completely review your lifestyle and diet. Thus, the abdominal fat that has settled over time will be effectively eliminated. It should be remembered that a too drastic diet promotes the yoyo effect while the abdominals alone do not allow all the muscles in the abdomen to work. Classic abdominals only work the straight muscles and the obliques. In addition, they do not remove the layer of fat that covers them. Because of this, i