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Beautiful Skin Secrets Women Don't Know About?

As soft as a baby's little cheeks, as luminous as the pearls of dew in the early morning, as smooth as the pebbles of a Normandy beach ... as perfect as your dreams draw your skin. 

Do you sigh at the thought that there is no such thing as perfection? 

But who could have put this idea in your head? Because we are here to share with you all the secrets to approaching this ideal of skin as velvety and radiant as you have always dreamed of.

No, we do not close our eyes to all these little inconveniences that tarnish your complexion and your morale as a result, but on the contrary we will help you adopt the right reflexes in order to keep skin in full beauty and health. 

So be careful so that your mirror becomes your best friend again.

What simple routine to follow?

Which foods to favor? 

How to sleep well? 

How to reduce stress?  

What simple routine to follow?

For beautiful skin, you have to take care of it. Especially since we tend to forget it, but the skin is a vital organ! It is our envelope, our protection, true between interior and exterior, it unifies us. So know how to give it the best care it will restore you to its full health and beauty.

To make yourself THE routine to adopt could be the following: 

1) Evaluate and know your skin type for appropriate care.

There are four main types of skin, normal, dry, oily and combination.   These are related to characteristics such as dehydrated, sensitive, mature, reddish.

If you have no idea what your skin type is, the diagnosis is not very difficult. Doctor, dermatologist, pharmacist or beautician can help you easily. 

As for those for whom the type of skin is very marked, they will know it for themselves.

2) Cleanse your skin in the morning.

The skin works a lot at night, it regenerates itself, repairs itself from its aggressive days, in this process the skin secretes sebum but also perspiration. As a direct consequence in the morning, it will be a matter of eliminating all these remains of night work from your skin to restore its radiance. 

The best of products: cold saponified soap. The oils they contain being not heated, this gives it all of its hydrating properties absolutely necessary to protect your skin while nourishing it. Cleanse with clear water in small circular massages with the soap. Rinse well with clean water. Dab your skin and apply a floral hydrosol spray if you wish. (Some therapeutic hydrosols have properties adapted and specific to certain skin problems, this will be evaluated with an aroma therapist or naturopath)

You already have clean, oxygenated skin.

3) Protect your skin.  

The skin being our screen, it should be provided with reliable armor in order to face all external aggressions. The eye area is the most fragile area of ​​the face. The skin is extremely thin so to make a good quality vegetable oil will be the best care you can provide.  this zone. Prickly pear seed oil is an anti-wrinkle treasure that has no strong competitor in this game! It can therefore be applied in small touches around your eyes and under your day cream and makeup. (Proceed by gently tapping and smoothing from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye to help absorb puffiness and dark circles that may have formed overnight) To sufficiently nourish the rest of the face, argan oil is as for it better adapted because it is appropriate for all the types of skin, even the oily skin do not worry. Obviously a vegetable oil under a day cream arises in small quantities and must be perfectly smooth and absorbed by the skin before moving on to the next step. 

4) At your convenience makeup and perfume.

His image in his image ... in other words be yourself as you want. Some feel stronger, more they with a light makeup, others on the contrary hate it. It does not matter what is essential is that this step is the one that allows you to perfect your beauty in order to obtain the best confidence and self-esteem. 

As for the perfume, which is conventional or natural (a clever cocktail of natural extracts, absolutes and essential oils), it is a bit like your olfactory signature. So know how to choose it with the heart.

5) Make-up removal and small toiletries in the evening… compulsory!

Your day has certainly been long and you dream of being in the arms of Morpheus as soon as possible. But butterfly minute, not so fast. A quick walk through the bathroom is a must.

All the impurities accumulated throughout the day are nests for bacteria which are the primary source of pimples, blackheads and other blackheads.  

For natural makeup removal, know that vegetable oil has the power to gently get rid of your makeup. No risk for fragile eyes. Using a cotton ball soaked in oil, you just need to wipe it over your makeup.

Then always with clear and lukewarm water wet your face then always in circular movements clean using a cold saponified soap. Rinse with cold water preferably (which will activate the microcirculation). Dry by dabbing lightly. 

At night, the skin regenerates itself and needs a lot of oxygen, so it must be allowed to breathe as much as possible. So after this little toilet, apply an organic hydrolate spray and then a quality organic vegetable oil only on the eye area.

Here you are in full possession of the essential points and far from being complicated to carry out every day. Cleaning, Hydration, Care, Protection and Pleasure! Because yes, make these moments moments for yourself for your well-being and your pleasure. It is important to take care of the body as well as the mind.

Give yourself this moment as a gift to yourself.

Which foods to favor?

- Who has not been bombarded by the galore ads on dairy products. And to think that there has even been a reform in schools establishing a dairy break for all children from an early age. The dairy industry lobby is unparalleled, or almost unparalleled, so our speech still serves as marginal comments. However, time has passed and with it scientific advances and notable awareness. 

Studies (obviously independent of governments hand and foot linked to lobbies) have been carried out and have been able to prove that milk contains hormones and other proteins that have a real impact on our body. In particular lactose, lactase and casein. 

If you are interested, take a look at the clinical and scientific studies carried out on the inflammation and permeability of the microbiota and the damage caused by animal milk and particularly cow's milk.

In addition it has been proven that milk has direct effects on the health of the skin. Because of the hormones it contains, which are a real source of various skin imperfections. They trigger an increase in sebum, and inflammatory disorders (a phenomenon similar to that exerted on the microbiota) We are not all equally sensitive to reactions to these   dairy products, but it is important to be   aware of and be aware of this as much more if you suffer from problematic skin.

For those most worried among you and well marked in the depths of their ideas that calcium is only contained in dairy products, a naturopath will quickly know by proving the contrary and supporting analysis you observe with astonishment that your calcium levels will not drop, or even return to normal if necessary. A change in diet is necessary but your health is in your hands.

{Dairy products are a real cause for concern. Do not be fooled by what the industry will have you believe.}

- Beware of processed, ultra-processed, and industrial products!

Oh how beautiful all these colors in these packets of candies, how the smell of pastries makes you want to brush past the bakery, how this soda will remind you of your summer afternoons with your girlfriends on the beach ... not to mention the legendary French white baguette, spaghetti bolognese ready in two minutes.

Thirty seconds in the microwave on your lunch breaks with chocolate and cookie chips for dessert straight from another planet… the planet with an infernal sugar + fat duo! 

And there believe us in this little game the result will hurt! 

Cold meats, cookies of all kinds, refined flour, candies, and other caramels and chocolates ... all those little "nothings" that you nibble here and there, which are the comforters of your blues, and well all those little things like you thought of are not your friends at all! And they are even less so for your skin.

First of all, these products have ZERO nutritional value! And this even for morale because in the long run they will always be vectors of problems. In addition, they are full of additives, preservatives, flavor enhancers, some of which are now recognized as potentially carcinogenic. 

These processed foods, therefore far from being natural, are considered toxins (toxic dangers) by our body. An overconsumption of these products will create profound and dangerous disturbances for your health.   The body, saturated with these toxins will find it difficult to eliminate them.   It will therefore end up evacuating this excess of toxins through the greatest of our emunctories: the skin. So we end up with a push of buttons on the face, back or torso. The organization manages as best it can to compensate for your excesses but it alerts you by these visible buttons that you will have to change the menu on the menu!

- Take an interest in the glycemia of foods, and more particularly their glycemic index and glycemic load. 

Any food with a high glycemic index brings a high amount of sugar to the body. By this supply, the pancreas in reaction will produce insulin, a mechanism that lowers the blood sugar level. 

Know that each food that we consume has the capacity to increase more or less the level of sugar in the blood. This variation has a direct influence on insulin, which if produced in too much quantity and regularly, will cause inflammation in the skin.

In conclusion, the sweetest foods (   refined, white and fast sugars ) are to be avoided for your skin, although a small deviation can be authorized if it remains isolated and in small quantities. 

Know for general information that foods are classified for their glycemic index on a scale up to 100. (100 being glucose ... and note it white bread ditto is equal to 100! The white baguette is therefore a sugar bomb ! for a supply of real complex carbohydrates and carriers of sustainable and progressive energy, bet on breads made with wholemeal flour and from organic farming). The higher the value of the food, the more it will promote the secretion of insulin. Once again, make sure you stay away from foods with a high glycemic index as much as possible to improve the appearance of your skin.

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- Water is the source of life! We will never say it alone, water hydrates. The skin being mainly water it will need water badly. Especially since the climatic conditions are aggressive to her, whether it be the wind, the cold or the sun, all of this dehydrates her enormously. So to overcome this and avoid the disaster that it could cause, it will be necessary to feed it with quality organic vegetable oils and especially to drink water. It facilitates cellular work, hydrates the skin, and helps in the elimination of waste and toxins. It is therefore essential to have a sufficient daily water intake: between 1.5 and 2 liters ideally. Your skin demands this hydration, but so does your whole body. Keep in mind that when the sensation of thirst is felt, it is already that the body is lacking in water.

- The famous Omega 6 ... these play an essential role in the elasticity of the skin, it is in your interest to take a closer look at their sources. 

In fact, the essential omega 6 fats form a form of lipid cement between the cells of the horny layer (outer layer) of the epidermis.

So since now you know that it is necessary to consume it, do you know where to find these Omega?

First of all, linoleic acid is very present in walnut, soybean, sunflower or grape seed oils (2 tablespoons per day according to the recommended daily allowance).

And on the other hand, gamma-linolenic acid is mainly concentrated   in borage or evening primrose oils. Somewhat difficult to integrate into your kitchen you will find them in capsules. The changes of season are pivotal moments that draw on our energies so it will be the moment to make a cure. Think here of the onset of fall and the beginning of spring.

Finally this detail which does not have one always retain that the fats can be assimilated without worry on the condition that they are not heated. A heated oil that changes chemically may not only lose some of these properties (depending on its ability to heat up) but it will also be much more difficult for the liver to metabolize, process, and digest.

- No it's not a legend, beta-carotene gives you a good look. 

Beyond making lovable as the saying goes, carrots will give you a brighter complexion that catches the light.

This beta-carotene is a natural pigment contained in all plants, especially those of orange and red colors. It undeniably revives the complexion, but it should be consumed daily.

Here are some examples and equivalences to avoid becoming an exclusive carrot eater?

1/2 carrot (35 g), 5 dried apricots (50 g), 1/3 plate of spinach or fennel (60 g), 1/3 mango (80 g), or a 1/2 small melon (120 g), provide the entire recommended daily intake of beta-carotene for a woman.

So as you can see pretty easy to complete this mission, right?

- They have good press and for good reason… red carpet for antioxidants. Specialists in the fight against the biological clock. Anti-aging effect guaranteed.

These antioxidants serve to neutralize free radicals, compounds which result from normal cellular activity, but the excess of which accelerates skin aging. Free radicals oxidize cells causing the cell to age and die. This production of free radicals is furthermore greatly accentuated by tobacco, stress, and exposure to sunlight.

It may be for some and some of you to review certain modes of operation.

Beta-carotene here too, vitamins E and C, polyphenols, selenium, and zinc are the main antioxidants.

These nutrients are found in fruits and vegetables, so make them king and queen on your plate at all ages. Each fruit, each vegetable, having a specific composition (citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, dried fruits in vitamin E), it is necessary to vary to optimize the contributions. Consume just organic and seasonal and you will find yourself there both financially and especially that of your health.

- Proteins are used to tone the skin.

Within the dermis, collagen and elastin maintain the tone and elasticity of the skin. These are structural proteins, the renewal of which is facilitated by a sufficient supply of dietary proteins.

Proteins are found in meat, fish, eggs but also tofu or starchy legume combinations.

Vegetarians should pay particular attention to having an adequate intake of protein. A vegetarian diet can do everything (or almost) you provide as long as you respect the right combinations in order to form vegetable protein chains that are quite easy to assimilate by the body.

However, omega 3 essential for proper cellular, cerebral and cardiovascular functioning are only available directly in fatty fish (sardines, mackerel, tuna, salmon, etc.)

Vitamin B12 is only present in food from animals, so vegetarians must be supplemented with this vitamin on prescription from your doctor.

For non-vegetarians it is recommended to eat meat, fish, eggs, at least at one of the two main meals of the day. These foods provide well-balanced proteins in essential amino acids, conducive to the synthesis of the body.

Fish and seafood are inexhaustible sources of selenium, zinc and copper, meat and organ meats of zinc (antioxidants). Also think about fermented drinks which by nature contain a treasure of probiotics thus contribute to the radiance of the complexion, while regulating your transit!

How to sleep well? 

Because sleep is a vital element for everyone and for our bodies; it is also a main player in the beauty of our skin.

These benefits of sleep on the skin have been scientifically proven through various studies and clinical tests, the result is clear for beautiful, healthy skin ... sleep!

It is not for nothing that the short nights bind very quickly on the face in the early morning.

Just to see you arrive at the office, without you even having said the slightest word, your colleague kills you with a kind sentence "Ah, you had a bad night, you"

This scene reminds you of similar mornings maybe?

Because yes the lack of sleep can be read relatively quickly on your little face, the impression of having a wrinkled face, puffiness, dark circles, a dull complexion.

So why exactly ... we are revealing the secrets of this skin-to-sleep duo!

The role of sleep on the beauty and health of the skin:

Whether it is a lack of sleep or poor quality sleep it will have rather devastating consequences. Indeed, sleep is our moment of resource, but if it is not restorative and recuperative, the detoxification of the body will not be optimal. And therefore the toxins will be very poorly eliminated or even not completely. 

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The poor regeneration of the body's cells by the hormones of youth is the cause. Conversely, when the sleep is of good quality, the brain produces hormones which will play a key role in the health of the skin. Then the cells will regenerate during the different deep and paradoxical sleep cycles.

Lack of sleep + poor lifestyle: hellish duo: 

For a fresh and rested complexion in the early morning ... a single remedy: a good sleep which will guarantee you the ravages of time and the marks of it on your skin. And yes ladies sleep because the shortened nights accentuate dark circles and wrinkles.

Scientific studies carried out on different patients have been able to prove that with fatigue, the skin loses its elasticity, becomes dehydrated and becomes marked with fine lines when it does not take advantage of the benefits of sleep.

And in this process the hygiene of life in general is important, beyond sleep it is necessary to play sports, to eat healthy, to drink water and to nourish its skin with organic vegetable oils of quality. 

Your skin needs care as part of a healthy life that is as close as possible to your needs. 

Some tips for sleeping well?

- A complete and balanced dinner without being heavy to digest. (Lean protein, B vitamins, and zinc with fish, legumes, fruits and vegetables, some oilseeds, a serving of wholemeal bread, and plain water or green tea).

- Zero alcohol and tobacco.

- 1.5 liters of water minimum per day. And if you are likely to get up at night to go to the bathroom with the optional difficulty of going back to sleep, and well 3 hours before going to bed, stop drinking.

- To secrete melanin, the sleep hormone total darkness in your bedroom is mandatory.

- A good room temperature, especially not too hot! Between 18 ° and 21 ° is ideal.

- Stop to screens, TV, computers, smartphone. Turn it all off and the phone in airplane mode or away from you. The waves emitted are potentially dangerous. We still lack perspective in the face of this imminent danger.

- Specifically for your skin and especially the most fragile place being the eye contour, choose THE best vegetable oil, so precious as it is a treasure of beauty; obviously prickly pear seed oil.

- And just before you fall asleep focus on your breathing, regulate it calmly by favoring ventral breathing.

Finally, Good night and have sweet dreams! (Stay with us until the end of this article though !!! Then you will only get better sleep !!)

How to reduce stress?

Suffice to say that our modern-day society is a nest of reasons as many as valid for developing stress in almost everyone that we are.

But this stress is not without physical and psychological consequences, whether chronic or temporary.

Regarding the physical effects skin, nails, and hair pay the price!

So here are some spotting signs to see if this could be your case.

- Acne: 

Stress pre or post event it does not matter but very often before or after a test of life it is a favorable moment for the appearance of small acne pimples. Phenomenon that can be explained simply. Under the effect of stress, the body produces too much cortisol (the stress hormone) which contributes to an overproduction of sebum, it is therefore a painful appearance of unsightly pimples that will follow!

- Dark circles and puffy eyes: 

Stress often means lack of sleep and everything can be seen on your face ... The skin around the eyes, which is very thin and fragile, will be one of the first places to show signs of stress. Dark circles and bags under the eyes I didn't have to wait for a few sleepless nights and here they are! 

- Psoriasis, eczema and rosacea: 

These three inflammatory diseases are closely related to stress. They are even the result in large part. Stress directly impacts the immune system and therefore slows down the body's natural defenses, leaving complete freedom to inflammation and its skin reactions. 

Know that for anyone who has suffered or is suffering from one or more of these pathologies, will be particularly vulnerable to the reappearance of the symptom at each period of stress.

- Hair loss:

Losing your hair can be the result of many different causes. However, stress will only make this process worse. In some cases, even speed it up. 

It is not uncommon after shock, trauma, significant physiological changes, or periods of chronic stress, to observe hair losing strength, becoming dull and brittle, and possibly even falling out.

- Brittle nails: 

The nails are a real mirror of our overall health. 

Stress tarnishes the nails, making them brittle and brittle.

Obviously not to mention those who the more they are anxious the more they bite their nails!

In short, to reduce your stress, adopt the right actions, such as habits that will quickly become natural for you.

-Sleep well and at best. In a room at the right temperature and in total darkness. 

And this on average 8 hours ideally. 

- Before bedtime stop at the screens and why not a little natural remedy. (Infusion, essential oil, homeopathy)

- A break of at least 10 minutes a day for you and just for you. Mindfulness (mindfulness meditation), breathing, yoga, relaxation, short walks ... choose your combination of relaxation. But embrace it every day. Profit is acquired through regularity.

- In the evening after long days, adopt a cocoon care ritual for yourself. A small shower, treatments like a clay mask, nourish your skin with a beautiful organic vegetable oil of quality. Take care of your hair with a natural shampoo and moisturize the lengths with a touch of Argan oil with drying. 

In short, do you have a little personalized spa session. You don't need three hours, but even a little time and you will quickly find that you will not be able to do without it! 

Now that you are the full bunch of secrets to your beautiful skin ... no more excuses to play on your false innocence. 

Because of course you will have to review some rules of hygiene of life but in any case you will not regret it. It is certain that the results will soon be felt. Your whole body will thank you for it, and you will be able to sport a radiant smile as bright as your skin will be.

{You are going to make people jealous ... but shhh, it's our secret!}