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How to Flatten Stomach In Less Than 2 Days (Is It Possible?)

That's it ! You have finally found the dress of your dreams. She's black, terribly sexy and ... terribly tight. Unfortunately your stomach is a little inflated and the result in front of the mirror is not what you had hoped for.  So you've put in a lot of effort, tried all kinds of things to flatten your stomach , but nothing helps! HOW TO FLATTEN THE STOMACH IN 2 DAYS Well we say no! You will look perfect in your little black dress! No way to let digestion problems, water retention or a few deviations from your diet spoil the pleasure of wearing your new favorite item of clothing! Thanks to these 10 tips that we are going to give you, you can definitely say bye-bye to a swollen belly and in less than two days please!  1 - DRINK HOT LEMON JUICE IN THE MORNING ON AN EMPTY STOMACH In the morning, before breakfast, drink a large glass of lemon water. You've probably heard it before, a lemon squeezed in a tall glass of water will purify and cleanse your body. {It is also a