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My Best Top 5 Smoothie Recipes for FAT-BURNING & Weight Loss

Hot Skinny Tea Magical Ingredients That Unlock The Secrets to a Better Health Body

Most of us are prone to lethargy, lack of energy, poor lifestyle choices, and stress. It's the way we live our lives in this day and age. But did you know that there are all-natural plants and herbs that can revitalize you and give you the much-needed boost to being your healthiest, happiest self? Here are some such ingredients and the benefits they provide. And they are all available in one amazing tea blend - The Hot Skinny Tea . Garcinia Cambogia extract: sourced from a tree native to India and Southeast Asia, has the potential to act as a fat blocker due to its accumulation of hydroxycitric acid. It can block enzymes that produce body fat, raise serotonin for better moods, and may even suppress appetite. Lemon grass: is the quintessential cleanser that gets rid of body toxins and balances body processes such as liver function. Sencha green tea: can clear your skin, increase energy levels, and even kill oral bacteria. Lotus leaf: a.k.a. the blood tonic, not only r