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The (BAD) Effects of Fast Food On Your Body

  What are the effects of fast foods on the body? The fast foods are favored by more and more people. In a fast-paced society, they are the perfect places to eat quickly, without having to cook and without breaking the bank. However, excessive consumption of this junk food only has negative effects on the body. Obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular problems, hypertension, renal failure, sedentary lifestyle , osteoporosis, are all diseases caused over the long term by this food. Why are fast foods bad for your health? The food offered in fast food restaurants is too sweet , salty, fatty and contains additives. These four elements explain why fast food is so bad. Less well known than the others, the latter is carcinogenic in certain forms. Its massive use in fast food chains to maintain taste, freshness and appearance is clearly dangerous to health . With saturated fatty acids, it is cholesterol and a cardiovascular accident that threatens. Above all, these foods are too high in energ