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How to Lose Weight When Exercising

  Losing weight and losing weight is far from being the only motivation for playing sports. In any case, it doesn't have to be. Pleasure, relaxation, health, the benefits of sport are manifold. But slimness is of course part of it. So as long as you go to the gym on a Thursday evening (instead of having a glass (of orange juice) with your friends), you might as well optimize your session to lose more weight and burn more calories during sport. 1. Schedule more cardio sessions. "Cardio" sports (such as running, body attack and aerobics for example) are the best allies for weight loss.  And that's good, because unlike weight training or very intense activities, cardio is accessible to everyone. So no excuse! To lose weight , you devote 60% of your session to cardio and 40% to something else.    2. Work in depth. Switching from exercise to exercise while skipping the difficulty will not help you lose weight, even if the session lasts 45 minutes.  It's the intensity t