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Why Do I Keep Gaining Weight Even Though I Eat Less?

 “I don't understand… I eat little, but  I am not losing weight . However, I am very careful about what I eat, I deprive myself of everything I like, but my scale is always in the red. What is the problem " ? Losing weight  by tightening your belt is not the solution. If we started by eliminating the mistakes that make us fat, or prevent us from losing weight, that would be a good start, right? 1. Diets, a bad way to lose weight.   Let's start by forgetting this word [diet!] A multitude of "slimming" sites are jostling on the web, offering all kinds of diets that are often difficult to follow and dangerous for health and eating behavior. Whether they are high protein, low calorie, dissociated, with substitutes or without carbohydrates, these programs all lead to the same result: the pounds come back on when we let go! And often with the added bonus of irreversible health problems.    So, before we try to  lose weight fast , why not try to understand our relations