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Beautiful Skin Secrets Women Don't Know About?

As soft as a baby's little cheeks, as luminous as the pearls of dew in the early morning, as smooth as the pebbles of a Normandy beach ... as perfect as your dreams draw your skin.  Do you sigh at the thought that there is no such thing as perfection?  But who could have put this idea in your head? Because we are here to share with you all the secrets to approaching this ideal of skin as velvety and radiant as you have always dreamed of. No, we do not close our eyes to all these little inconveniences that tarnish your complexion and your morale as a result, but on the contrary we will help you adopt the right reflexes in order to keep skin in full beauty and health.  So be careful so that your mirror becomes your best friend again. What simple routine to follow? Which foods to favor?  How to sleep well?  How to reduce stress?   What simple routine to follow? For beautiful skin, you have to take care of it. Especially since we tend to forget it, but the skin is a vital organ! It is