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Mesotherapy Injections for Weight Loss & Fat Loss

Mesotherapy, which involves injecting small amounts of a drug by syringe under the skin, is sometimes used for cosmetic purposes to lose weight. How does this technique work and what are the results that can be expected? 

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy consists of injecting, in small quantities, drugs at very specific and strategic places of the body under the skin, at different levels of the epidermis. It is used in health fields, in particular to help reduce pain, but also in aesthetics. The drugs administered are those usually used as painkillers or prescribed to treat the pain to be treated. This technique, which is based on supposedly increased effectiveness by treating the problem directly at its origin, that is to say locally under the skin, is not recognized as being ineffective, nor as having no effect. . The medical profession therefore grants it neither benefits nor harmlessness, and the lack of studies on it makes it impossible to determine whether, (yes no), mesotherapy makes it possible to cure.

Mesotherapy and weight loss:

Mesotherapy is sometimes used for the purpose of promoting weight loss. This technique is then called "aesthetic mesotherapy". Consultations for this reason are not reimbursed by Social Security and fall under so-called "alternative" medicine. In fact, it is a technique supposed to help lose fat and therefore lose weight. However, it does not act at the level of the body, but only on the aesthetic level. It aims to revitalize the skin and to tighten the tissues and therefore to give them a firmer appearance which can give an impression of thinness.

The course of a mesotherapy session to lose weight:

A mesotherapy session consists of giving intra-cutaneous injections to the patient, by administering very low doses of medication. Injections are made either by hand or using an electronic injector. In all cases, these are products that must be harmless or harmful to the body. The drugs are administered by a syringe at specific points, determined in advance, like acupuncture. The idea is to deal with the problem directly at its source. Thus, to lose weight in the stomach, the injections will be done in the abdominal belt. Likewise for slimming thighs, or buttocks. These sessions are supposed to act on the volume of the treated areas of the body, by making them deflate, thanks to the action of the injected products. 

Treatments used for aesthetic mesotherapy:

As part of an aesthetic mesotherapy session to lose weight, the drugs administered in the syringes will not be the same drug treatments as those provided for a session aimed at reducing pain. For slimming, it is in most cases of vitamins coupled with trace elements, similar to those found in some food supplements. To treat cellulite, these are products that activate the blood circulation and the lymphatic system, using a mixture of minerals and caffeine. Here again, we must not fall into a trap: losing weight effortlessly, only thanks to drug injections, seems unlikely. Although supplements such as vitamins can help your body during a diet, for example below:

Mesotherapy and slimming: what results to expect?

As we have seen, mesotherapy is a technique not recognized by the medical profession, and its effectiveness in terms of weight loss and slimming are debated. Some people attest to having lost pounds thanks to this method, despite rather poor results. However, its benefits should be put into perspective and put into perspective. Indeed, this method, like all slimming methods, is often used in addition to a sports rehabilitation program or a diet. It is in the majority of cases the accumulation of all these efforts that makes a person successful in losing weight. Similarly, it is also necessary to take into account the risks associated with mesotherapy, and in particular with skin injections: bacterial infections, etc.


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