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How to Lose Weight Fast for Teens (What You Should Know?)

Overweight teenager, how to act? Some adolescents tend to overeat which sometimes justifies drastic weight gain. It is a very difficult situation to live both for the teenager concerned and for his parents. So let's try to take a closer look at this problem, which is affecting more and more growing young people.

The causes of overweight in adolescents 

Genetic and physical factors

The hereditary factors and metabolism are sometimes the cause of some overweight teenagers. Parents need to take matters into their own hands quickly when their child's weight increases worryingly. In principle, parents should monitor the balance of their children, especially if there is a risk of obesity in the family. Even though the causes are genetic, weight loss in overweight adolescents should be gradual. The goal of food rebalancing is not an excessive and immediate loss of pounds, but rather a reassessment of eating behavior. 

Poor food hygiene

The bad eating habits are one of the main causes of overweight in adolescents. Some children who feel bad about themselves eat to compensate for the emotional vacuum or to stop feeling painful. However, it is important to adopt a healthy and balanced diet from an early age . It is necessary that the child himself is involved in the composition of his meals as well as in the races to be done to avoid the frustrations and the restrictions. The nutritionist or dietitian should prescribe a diet taking into account the tastes and preferences of the adolescent.

• Environmental causes

It is recommended to have discussions with your teenager to better understand his difficulties and the reasons for his overeating . In addition, we observe that the younger generation tends to wallow in passive activities such as television, telephone or computer screen. These distractions, however, are not the best suited to this age in life. The growing adolescent must move and play sports otherwise, he risks being discriminated against due to his weight. 

Calculation of BMI: 

The adolescent's BMI or Body Mass Index is a measurement indicator that allows you to analyze the risks associated with overweight. Indeed, weight alone is not enough to diagnose a risk of obesity. To calculate the BMI, divide the weight in kilos by the height in square meters (BMI = weight (kg) / height (m2). The BMI must take into account the sex of the individual as well as the evolution of the child on the growth curve established by scientists It is the WHO that defines the criteria for interpreting the BMI.

If your teen's BMI is higher than the recommended norm, don't hesitate to seek the advice of their doctor to find out the impact of their weight on their health. Your doctor will certainly recommend a nutritional program suitable for his age to lose weight smoothly. 

Solutions to deal with the problem of overweight adolescents

To solve the problem of the overweight teenager, parents must approach the medical profession to find the best solution for their child. A nutrition professional can advise parents on what to do and what to eat in this case. The teenager, for his part, will be able to obtain answers to his concerns as well as good support to change his eating behavior.

In addition, relatives should at all costs avoid evocative nicknames or mockery. They will only aggravate the child's wounds. They should regularly have a discussion with the child to reassure him of their unwavering support and help him out of this spiral. The dieting are strongly discouraged for an overweight teenager, as this may affect its growth.

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