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4 Tips How to Lose Weight with Crossfit

Straight from the United States, crossfit is akin to a multidimensional physical conditioning program, because it is based on different athletic qualities. Mixing various physical exercises, this intensive training technique is based on natural movements to establish its effectiveness. 

But is crossfit really effective as part of a slimming diet?

Well, lets see below.

1. What is crossfit?

Cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, flexibility, power, strength, coordination, agility, balance, speed, precision ... Here are the ten athletic qualities that crossfit aims to develop or strengthen.

How? 'Or' What? By means of varied movements which are inspired by several sports practices such as gymnastics or weightlifting .

Developed by Greg Glassman, a former American gymnast, crossfit is defined as a particularly intensive cross-training which, beyond physical activity, is part of a true philosophy of life in which a balanced diet and hygiene of life occupy central places.

2. Can you lose weight with crossfit?

Within the framework of a slimming diet, physical practice is an essential cog, because it is this which will allow to eliminate the excess calories and, if necessary, to accelerate the melting of the fatty mass.

In this, crossfit turns out to be an ideal workout for people who want to lose weight sustainably. Indeed, crossfit programs are intense enough to force the body to draw energy from its fat reserves.

However, it is important to specify that the results will only be visible after several weeks of regular training, the elimination of fat cells being very difficult to achieve. We must therefore not be discouraged and persevere.

3. What type of training to lose weight?

Whether it's to support your weight loss or to develop other skills, crossfit sessions generally break down into four distinct phases.

The first revolves around a dynamic warm-up consisting in preparing the body for the following stages. Then, the teacher will remind you of the technique relating to certain exercises in order to help you optimize your movements and progress.

The heart of the matter then begins with the phase known as "Workout Of the Day", or WOD . It is a question of carrying out the various exercises planned by the coach in order to achieve the previously set objectives. This step turns out to be particularly intensive.

Finally, the last phase allows a return to calm and a careful stretching of the muscles in order to facilitate recovery .

4. Should you adapt your diet?

While physical activity is an essential lever for weight loss, it cannot and should not be dissociated from an appropriate diet. This is the reason why crossfit also advocates a balanced diet mainly based on the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, white meats and fish.

Proteins must constitute a daily intake not exceeding 30% of the daily caloric intake. Foods with a high glycemic index, on the other hand, should be consumed in extreme moderation.

As such, many crossfit enthusiasts follow what is called the "paleo" diet , for "paleolithic". This consists of ingesting only the foods that our prehistoric ancestors ate naturally in their era.


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