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How To Lose a Man's Belly? With Diet and Sports

 It is not always easy to shed abdominal fat for a flatter stomach, especially since the profusion of “miraculous” recipes are often misleading. To effectively lose belly, it is necessary to follow a diet adapted to the needs of the body and to practice physical exercises.


Abdominal fat is the result of poor lifestyle habits and an unbalanced diet. You should also know that in humans, the storage of fat in the abdomen is more important in part because of testosterone.

To find a flat stomach, it is necessary to completely review your lifestyle and diet. Thus, the abdominal fat that has settled over time will be effectively eliminated. It should be remembered that a too drastic diet promotes the yoyo effect while the abdominals alone do not allow all the muscles in the abdomen to work. Classic abdominals only work the straight muscles and the obliques. In addition, they do not remove the layer of fat that covers them. Because of this, it is often recommended that you start with cardio exercises to burn abdominal fat before embarking on weight training exercises. However, burning calories will not lead to the desired results without the adoption of an adapted diet. Warning, there is no question of depriving oneself. The goal is to eat the right foods at the right time and in the right amount. Therein lies the secret of success!


You should not expect to lose belly fat and get a flat stomach without exercising. Prolonged sitting is one of the main reasons for the accumulation of fat in the belly. Cardio training is an effective way to oxidize more lipids and thus eliminate the fat present in the body. Sport is important, but it is even more effective when done at the right time. To lose lower abdomen, it is recommended to exercise before breakfast to promote fat oxidation, throughout the day. According to a study by researchers at the University of Tsukubain Japan, fat oxidation increases over a 24-hour period in men when they exercise before breakfast. To obtain this result, the researchers performed tests on men who exercised before and after breakfast.

It should also be remembered that visceral fat is particularly harmful: it increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, cancer or even diabetes.


To lose weight in the lower abdomen, it is necessary to burn abdominal fat by practicing an endurance sport: fitness walking, jumping rope, running, cycling or swimming. Regardless of the discipline chosen, it should be noted that the body begins to draw on deep fat after 45 minutes of effort.

Daily walking helps shed belly fat while improving overall health. It is better to start with a 30-minute run daily, then increase gradually.

Running is effective in causing the body to draw on fat reserves. In addition, it allows to work the heart and to improve the cardiovascular system.

Cycling helps burn fat and improve overall fitness. Again, regular training is essential to get results. It's best to start with 30-minute rides twice a week and increase as your body begins to get used to the effort.

Swimming is a great choice for losing your lower abdomen. In addition, in addition to eliminating abdominal fat, it also works the thighs, legs and arms.


To lose weight in the stomach, it is essential to practice physical exercises. However, efforts will be in vain if the diet is not reviewed. While restrictive diets lead to rapid weight loss, the effects never last long. Indeed, the lost pounds are quickly recovered once bad habits are resumed. Restrictive diets also take a toll on the body. They are the cause of various deficiencies and the yo-yo effect for example.

To maintain a healthy weight , food intake must be proportional to energy needs. Many diets thus recommend counting calories to avoid misconduct. However, this method creates frustration in the long run... so, keep it simple and have realistic goals in orde to lose weight and belly fat in the best conditions. Just remember the goal of this method is to eat the right foods at the right time and in the right amount.

It is not easy to change your eating habits overnight! It may be necessary to be accompanied to approach the change in the best conditions and how far you are willing to go to achieve your desired weight.


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