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The World's Most Scary Diets

People will go to great lengths to lose weight. And many diets offer you extreme weight loss with minimal effort. Those diets are usually scams, but it doesn’t stop people from falling victim to them.
Unfortunately, not all scams just make you lose money. Many of the scam diets are dangerous to your health and life. We’ve compiled a list of the most dangerous and scary diets out there. It doesn’t matter how desperate you are to lose weight, make sure you don’t try one of these diets.

The Cotton Ball Diet
This is sometimes called the cotton ball and juice diet because users are encouraged to dip cotton balls in juice before they eat them. Yes, you read that right.

This diet is dangerous beyond belief. First, cotton balls are inorganic materials and are indigestible by humans. Most cotton balls aren’t even made out of cotton; they’re either polyester or some plastic polymer blend. Eating cotton balls can cause a dangerous condition known as a baesor, which can lead to intestinal blockages and stomach blockages.
The idea behind the diet is that the cotton will fill you up. The downside, it probably won’t leave without the help of a surgeon.

The Tapeworm Diet
While it is illegal to sell tapeworms in the United States, it does not stop people from trying the tapeworm diet. People order pills containing tapeworm larvae and ingest them to help with weight loss. People who recommend this diet say that the tapeworm will take up a substantial portion of the nutrition that you ingest making you lose weight.

The problem? You’re ingesting a live parasite that can cause irreparable damage to your digestive tract and other areas of the body.

The Werewolf Diet
Don’t get me wrong, this diet sounds cool. Who doesn’t want to be a werewolf? Unfortunately, this diet won’t turn you into a werewolf it just involves fasting on the full moon and new moon. There’s not really a lot to this diet.

While fasting may help you lose a little of weight if you don’t fix anything else in your diet you probably will not lose any weight. And, as previously stated, you won’t turn into a werewolf. So, don’t bother.

The Hollywood Diet
You may have heard of this as the cookie diet. It was developed by some weight-loss entrepreneurs and consists of shakes and cookies. You can remain on this diet for as long as you like. Eating shakes and cookies.

What’s the downside? Everyone loves shakes and cookies, right? Well, they aren’t nutritionally dense and you’re probably cutting calories to the extreme. This isn’t a sustainable diet and it’s really just designed to help the sellers of shakes and cookies profit from your desperation to lose weight.

Master Cleanse
This diet is a real piece of work. You can’t consume any food. Lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper are all that are allowed during the master cleanse. You make some concoction to drink and that’s it.

Like many of the other diets featured in this article, the Master Cleanse is not a sustainable weight loss method. Also, you are likely to experience extreme side effects considering you are starving yourself. People have reported staying on the master cleanse for up to 45 days. I don’t recommend you try this even for one day.

Cigarette Diet
Ah, nothing says health like a cigarette. Just kidding. But many cigarette manufacturers wanted you to believe just that. This is an older diet and was advertised to women in the 40s and 50s.
The cigarette diet is still in use and may now be referred to as the model’s diet. People who do this just smoke cigarettes, drink water, and lose weight. While it may cause cancer, lost muscle mass, all the benefits of nutrients, don’t worry you will likely lose some weight.

And there you have it the worst and scariest diets in history.

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