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Sex-Drive Killer Part 2

Sex-Drive Killer #1: Tension
Some people do lots of things well when they're stressed. Feeling attractive typically isn't really among them. Stress at work, home, or in relationships can occur to anybody. Knowing the best ways to manage it in a healthy way really helps. You can do a lot of it yourself, and a counselor or doctor can likewise assist you too.

Sex-Drive Killer #2: Partner Issues
Issues with your partner are amongst the top sex-drive killers. For ladies, feeling close is a huge part of desire. For both sexes, watch for fallout from battles, bad interaction, feeling betrayed, or other trust problems. If it's challenging to get back on track, connect with a couples counselor.

Sex-Drive Killer #3: Alcohol
A beverage may make you feel more available to sex. But excessive alcohol can numb your libido. Being intoxicated can likewise be a turn-off for your partner. If you have trouble drinking less, seek help.

Sex-Drive Killer #4: Too Little Sleep
If your sexual get-up-and-go is gone, maybe you're not getting sufficient sleep. Do you go to sleep far too late or rise too early? Do you have a sleep issue like difficulty falling or staying asleep, or a condition such as sleep apnea? Anything that messes with a good night's rest can - also mess with your sex. Fatigue saps hot feelings. Deal with your sleep habits, and if that doesn't help, speak with your medical professional as soon as possible.

Sex-Drive Killer #5: Having Kids
You do not lose your libido as soon as you're a mom and dad. Nevertheless, you do lose a long time to be close with kids under foot. Hire a sitter to support some time to be partners along with parents. New child? Attempt sex throughout child's nap time.

6. Sex-Drive Killer: Medication
Some drugs can deny desire. They include some of these kinds of medications:

- Antidepressants.
- High blood pressure medications.
- Birth control pills (some research studies show a link; others don't).
- Chemotherapy.
- Anti-HIV drugs.
- Finasteride.

Changing drugs or doses might help-- ask your doctor about that and never stop taking any medicine by yourself. Tell your medical professional, too, if your libido stalls not long after you start taking a new drug.

Libido Killer #7: Poor Body Image.
Feeling attractive is easier if you like how you look. Deal with accepting your body as it is today, even if you're working to get fit. Feeling excellent about yourself can put you in the mood. If your partner has low esteem, assure them that they're attractive.

Sex-Drive Killer #8: Weight Problems.
When you're overweight or obese, desire frequently dims. It could be that you don't take pleasure in sex, cannot perform like you wish to, or are held back by low self-esteem. Dealing with how you feel about yourself, with a therapist if required, may make a huge difference.

Sex-Drive Killer #9: Erection Problems.
Males with ED (impotence) typically worry about how they will have the ability to carry out sexually, and that concern can drain their desire. ED can be dealt with, and couples can also work to keep it from affecting their relationship.

Sex-Drive Killer #10: Low T.
The "T" hormone, testosterone, fuels libido. As men age, their "T" levels may drop a bit. Not all lose the desire for sex as this occurs, but some do. Numerous other things-- from relationships to weight-- likewise affect a male's sex drive and testosterone levels, so there's not a one-size-fits-all answer for every male.

Sex-Drive Killer #11: Depression.
Being depressed can shut off satisfaction in many things, consisting of sex. That's one of many needs to get aid. If your treatment involves medication, inform your physician if your sex drive is low, given that some (but not all) anxiety drugs lower sex drive. Discuss it with your therapist, too.

Sex-Drive Killer #12: Menopause.
For many women, libido dims around menopause. That's partly about signs such as vaginal dryness and discomfort during sex. But every female is various, and it's possible to have a fantastic sex life after menopause by tending to your relationship, self-confidence, and general health.

Sex-Drive Killer #13: Absence of Closeness.
Sex without feeling close can kill desire. Intimacy is more than just sex. If your sex life is idling, try investing more non-sexual time together, simply the two of you. Talk, snuggle, trade massages. Find ways to reveal love without having sex. Getting closer can rebuild your libido.

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