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How to Lose Weight in the Summer and Still Have Fun?

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How to Do a 3 Day Fast

 Fasting has been known around the world for thousands of years. Initially, the motivations of the faster were religious or spiritual. Then they became politicized with the protest fast promulgated as a means of peaceful demonstration, notably by Gandhi. Nowadays, we hear a lot about fasting for 3 days for rapid weight loss. We will see that this is in reality only one of the facets of fasting and that we can derive many other benefits from it… As long as we know how to do it. What is fasting? Fasting is the voluntary or involuntary deprivation of food and possibly drinks for a fixed period of time. This practice being thousands of years old, each culture and each civilization has a unique vision and practice. So there is no definition of fasting that is immutable. However, periodic fasting is differentiated from intermittent fasting . Periodic fasting consists of depriving yourself of food for a minimum of 3 days. As for intermittent fasting, it is a question of alternating it on a re

Mesotherapy Injections for Weight Loss & Fat Loss

Mesotherapy, which involves injecting small amounts of a drug by syringe under the skin, is sometimes used for cosmetic purposes to lose weight. How does this technique work and what are the results that can be expected?  What is mesotherapy? Mesotherapy consists of injecting, in small quantities, drugs at very specific and strategic places of the body under the skin, at different levels of the epidermis. It is used in health fields, in particular to help reduce pain, but also in aesthetics. The drugs administered are those usually used as painkillers or prescribed to treat the pain to be treated. This technique, which is based on supposedly increased effectiveness by treating the problem directly at its origin, that is to say locally under the skin, is not recognized as being ineffective, nor as having no effect. . The medical profession therefore grants it neither benefits nor harmlessness, and the lack of studies on it makes it impossible to determine whether, (yes no), mesotherapy

How to Flatten Stomach In Less Than 2 Days (Is It Possible?)

That's it ! You have finally found the dress of your dreams. She's black, terribly sexy and ... terribly tight. Unfortunately your stomach is a little inflated and the result in front of the mirror is not what you had hoped for.  So you've put in a lot of effort, tried all kinds of things to flatten your stomach , but nothing helps! HOW TO FLATTEN THE STOMACH IN 2 DAYS Well we say no! You will look perfect in your little black dress! No way to let digestion problems, water retention or a few deviations from your diet spoil the pleasure of wearing your new favorite item of clothing! Thanks to these 10 tips that we are going to give you, you can definitely say bye-bye to a swollen belly and in less than two days please!  1 - DRINK HOT LEMON JUICE IN THE MORNING ON AN EMPTY STOMACH In the morning, before breakfast, drink a large glass of lemon water. You've probably heard it before, a lemon squeezed in a tall glass of water will purify and cleanse your body. {It is also a

How Much Sugar Does It Take to Get Diabetes?

  Why do diabetics need to eat less sugar? Diabetes is a disease characterized by a carbohydrate absorption disorder. The type 1 diabetes is caused by lack of insulin, a hormone secreted by the pancreas, whose role is to reduce the sugar levels in blood ( glycaemia ). It mainly concerns young patients and requires insulin injections  (so-called insulin-dependent diabetes). The type 2 diabetes especially in overweight people after 40 years. The mechanism is different: it is not an absence of insulin, but a resistance of the organism to the insulin produced. Minimize the intake of simple sugars and increase those of slow sugars There are what we might call "real" sugars: refined white sugar, brown sugars and complete sugars; and traditional sweet products like honey, maple syrup, fructose, and agave syrup . All these sugars have in common to provide simple sugars (glucose, fructose, sucrose) and to have zero or very minimal contributions in proteins, minerals and vitamins: th

How to Go to The Gym | Your First-Time Going, What You Need to Know?

Choice of machines, duration of sessions ... Instructions for use for the first time in the gym? At the start of the year, you decided to sign up for a gym membership. But when you got there in leggings and running shoes, you were slightly baffled. How to get started (again) when you have quit for many years or never even started? What machines to use at the  gym ? Certainly, in front of the unknown, you prefer to start in a position of strength, with one or more friends, all to prevent future drops in motivation. But the process is risky. “If your friends let go of you along the way, you tend to be demotivated. The challenge is not to identify with the failure of his friends and to say that we will get there. So, the best is to go alone to your sports sessions, in order to no longer depend on others and to ensure that this sports routine becomes a real personal project. Good to know: it is advisable to practice an activity near your home or close to your office. Agree not to see any

Wine to Lose Weight; Red or White Wine? [part 2]

 More and more, the benefits of red wine or white wine are being touted on the web. So, red wine or white wine for those who want to lose weight? In fact, the nuance is not as noticeable as you might think. Who has more calories, red wine or white wine? If we really want to integrate red or white wine into our slimming diet , we must not forget that wine contains a large amount of carbohydrates, a nutrient that should be kept as low as possible. Red wine contains 0.5 grams of carbohydrate in an average glass, while dry white wine 0.8 grams. The other wines containing much more carbohydrates, we will opt for these two wines. If red wine contains fewer carbohydrates than white wine, its caloric intake is on the other hand more important, in the order of 83 against 77. These are obviously standard numbers, as the rate of carbohydrates and calories in wine also depends on the percentage of alcohol in each type of wine. The higher the alcohol content, the more caloric the wine. In recent y